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Theft and White Collar Crimes

Theft, of course, is when a person takes something that doesn't belong to him or her.  A "white collar crime" is a similar concept in that it is a  non-violent crime, however, white collar crimes almost exclusively involve illegal financial transactions conducted for the purpose of financial gain.  Generally speaking, it is typically professional men and women who are charged with white collar crimes.  The Robert R. Cooper Law Firm, P.C.,  an Albuquerque criminal defense firm with over 35 years of experience, is in the unique position to develop a strong defense if you are charged with theft or with a white collar type of crime.  We recognize that the strength of your defense could greatly affect the outcome of your case and, as a result, your livelihood and your reputation.

White collar crimes include:

  • Embezzlement - Stealing or misusing money entrusted by another person (i.e. an employer) or the fraudulent use of money legally owned by another person.

  • ​​Money Laundering - Attempting to disguise that money was earned illegally (i.e. drug trafficking) by trying to show that it came from a legal source (furtively investing the "dirty" money into a legitimate business).  Money laundering charges are often accompanied by charges for the crime that the person was originally attempting to conceal.

  • Fraud - Intentionally deceiving another person for personal gain.

  • Bribery - Giving money or a gift for the purpose of altering the conduct of the recipient.

You can't afford not to defend yourself if you have been charged with theft or a white collar crime!  Your reputation is at stake, your ability to make a living may be at stake and you may end up incarcerated for a long time.  Call Albuquerque Criminal Defense Attorney, Robert R. Cooper, today at 505-842-8494 and schedule your free, confidential consultation.

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