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Sex Offenses

The Robert R. Cooper Law Firm, P.C., an Albuquerque criminal defense firm, has extensive experience defending people who are being investigated, or who have been arrested, for sex offenses.  We know that allegations of sexual misconduct can cause incredible stress and embarrassment for individuals and families.  At our firm, we see beyond the allegations and take a holistic approach to working with and defending our clients.  We will secure the best possible resolution for your particular circumstances and we will give you the assistance you need to help you in your case and in your life. 


If you are under investigation or have been arrested for a sex offense, it is important that you contact a criminal defense attorney immediately.  Depending on the allegations, a conviction for a sex offense can have long term consequences, including mandatory registration as a sex offender.  Getting us on your side as soon as possible is the best way to protect yourself in these types of cases. 


We handle felony and misdemeanor charges in federal and state courts, including:


  • Criminal sexual penetration (sexual assault/rape)

  • Criminal sexual contact and molestation

  • Statutory rape

  • Child solicitation by electronic communication

  • Child pornography (possession and distribution)

  • Other sex crimes involving minors

  • Prostitution and Solicitation

  • Voyeurism

  • Other charges like kidnapping, false imprisonment, and domestic violence that often accompany charges of sexual misconduct.


You can't afford not to defend yourself!  Protect your freedom, your rights, and your future by calling Albuquerque Criminal Defense Attorney, Robert R. Cooper, today at 505-842-8494  We will schedule you immediately for your free, confidential consultation!

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